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Learning Support

This is part of our successful 'Thriving Families' programme, which supports vulnerable families in a number of important ways, including the coordination of a number of different agencies, all designed to prevent the escalation of problems and issues.

Learning Support is a service which is vital for families across the Island. We know from experience just what a positive impact Learning Support can have and what a difference it can make to so many young people who would otherwise face a whole range of escalating problems.

The programme provides a range of  invaluable help, support and personal development. By carefully coordinating these activities, and by involving a number of different agencies, we can help vulnerable young people improve their chances of future employment and make sure that they are given the tools they need to avoid potential educational and behavioural pitfalls.

The programme is supported by generous help from Barclays, as well as a number of other charitable sources.

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