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Children don't always need the latest toys and games to have a great time playing. Quite the opposite. Some loose items and a heap of imagination are all that's required for children to enjoy play at its very best. The PlayBin helps them to do that.

One Bin, a thousand ideas

You could say that the PlayBin is just a load of junk. Because that's exactly what it is: a large container full of odds and ends that children can use to develop their own games and activities in the school playground. All the equipment children need is in the PlayBin – from old tyres to wooden hoops, and from ribbons and ropes to empty storage boxes.

Working with primary schools, our Playwork professionals provide all the materials and training that could help your school's playtimes a happier more playful environment.  Children are free to develop their own play and their own rules, with the adults encouraged not to intervene unless it's absolutely necessary. A lot of the existing school rules, especially those around old-fashioned rough and tumble play, are challenged.

Few rules, great fun

It can sometimes be hard for teachers, and some parents, to let go of many of the rules which govern playtime at school. We often press teachers on why so many rules are still in existence, and very often the answer is simply that "we've always done it like that." By letting children develop their own play routines, with careful but minimal supervision and guidelines, they can so often surprise and delight themselves and others.

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