Local Ultra Athlete takes on 253 mile Challenge for TCC

James Bassett, a self confessed Ultra-distance athlete, is taking on an incredible 253 mile non stop race also know as the Lon Las Ultra.
Starting from 7am on Thursday October 14th from Holyhead port railway station he has 88 hours to reach Cardiff Bay

The Lon Las Ultra is a challenge like no other and here James explains what it is all about..............

I have completed three Parish Walks and won the UK 100 mile race-walk title in 2017 in Bury St Edmunds. I have raced in a 100-mile race in the US and have completed the 107-mile Belfast to Dublin Ultra. Just before lockdown I was 10th in the 130-mile Liverpool Leeds Canal Race. I have occasionally used races to raise a bit of money for charity, but I've never really gone any further than creating a just giving page and sharing it on Facebook. I'm quite shy and, honestly, I just like running.

However, my next event in October is a 253-mile non-stop race from Holyhead on Anglesey to Cardiff, crossing the length and breadth of Wales. The race is fully bought and paid for along with all transport, support etc. The distance is equivalent to 10 consecutive marathons and 20,000ft of climbing and I have 88 hours to reach the finish line. I am not allowed a support car , no walking poles or walking buddy and must carry all my kit!

Checkpoints are roughly every 25 miles but only water is supplied. Every other checkpoint I get access to my own "drop-bag" in which I can have food, drink, spare clothes, torches, batteries etc. I can buy food, drink and other supplies from shops, pubs, and cafés but no other external assistance is allowed. No support crew, no buddy runners, no walking poles, no headphones.

I will be monitored by a GPS tracker which has a SOS button to call for help if I need to drop out but can't make the next checkpoint. I am required to carry certain kit for safety (lights, foil blanket, phone etc) and to have certain things in my drop bag such as a sleeping back, spare phone, and spare batteries.

The race has only been run twice before, in 2017 and 2019. In 2017 there were 6 finishers from 29 starters. In 2019 there were just 4 finishers from 22 – the weather was horrific. .

We are honoured to have met with James and to follow his journey for the past few months and to listen and take on board everything he has sacrificed and what he needs in his preperation in order to tackle this event. James will be heading to the start line with years of training behind him, a supportive family, a focused mind and determination that he wants to succeed. He knows this is his biggest challenge todate and we are all behind him, cheering him on along the way and we are also very proud and honoured that he is supporting The Childrens Centre at the same time too - thank you James!

James sets off on Thursday 14th October and you will be able to track his route once the GPS goes live. We will be sharing this on our facebook page, but in the meantime if you would like to learn more about this epic race or to sponsor James, please click on the link below.

From everyone at The Children's Centre, we wish James well and look forward to welcoming him back to the island and to catch up with a well deserved coffee and a slice of cake or two!

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